Kiss the Frog Ball


On a rain soaked February evening 1,200 people filled the Randwick Racecourse betting ring to eclipse the course’s largest event by nearly 500 guests. This event really was possibly the most amazing nights of Joshua’s life – made even more special by the fact he was surrounded by his closest friends, family and extremely generous Foundation supporters.

With Alan Jones as the MC the room was a buzz however once Josh rolled onto the stage for a yarn with Alan you could have heard a pin drop!! Joshua will be eternally grateful to Alan for making a daunting task – to explain something so raw and tender – very easy for him. People got the facts and were able to understand the struggle of Josh’s journey and the sacrifices mates like Conor Shepherd and so many others made to help Joshua achieve his dream.

It was also a great opportunity to thank everyone who had helped previously with events such as the Scone rugby day, especially Cam Ireland.

It was auctioneer Ray Hadley and the generosity of the 1,200 hundred guests that brought a tear to Joshua’s eye and left him slightly embarrassed to be honest. By the end of the night guests had raised just shy of $700,000 which was monumental considering we were in the height of a GFC. This allowed Joshua to give his family the financial confidence to embark on his Atlanta dream of recovering.