Shepherd Center

After six months of rehabilitation in Australia it soon became very apparent that Joshua was going to have to look outside Australian spinal facilities if he was to achieve the results he wanted.

On a friend’s recommendation Josh looked into the Shepherd Center in Atlanta, USA – a world leader in spinal rehabilitation.

It was 2am in Sydney when Josh got in touch with Dr Donald Lesile who was the Medical Director at the Shepherd Center and his journey began to take shape. After a few months of phone calls, emails and visa applications Josh took the plunge and moved to the United States.

The Shepherd Center allowed Josh to under take a five day a week intense program averaging six to eight hours of grueling rehab a day. This started off at the inpatient floor, then he progressed into the Beyond Therapy program in the main gym at the Shepherd Center.

Here Josh began working originally on returning his strength and movement back into his arms then on returning strength and stability to his legs. With the specialised help of the physiotherapist, exercise specialists, personal trainers and his flat mates Josh began to slowly see constant recovery. This training was performed on variety of machines and training apparatus with staff providing a platform of confidence that allows patients to excel.

On competition of his time at the Shepherd Center he saw dramatic improvement both physically and mentally. He arrived very depleted and only able to lift one arm. When Joshua left the Center he had the strength to lift both arms, push his chair, walk with assistance and stand upright for over five minutes without support.

The move to Atlanta was by far Josh’s biggest gamble and the most rewarding chapter of his life thus far. It was made possible through Kiss the Frog and its generous support base.