Kiss the Frog Foundation

Kiss the Frog Foundation (KTF) has been established to raise funds to assist persons in necessitous circumstances, and as its initial and primary goal, to assist Joshua Clift. It’s aim is to put the Foundation in a position that it can assist others facing a similar challenge with the medical rehabilitation, equipment and services that are integral to achieving a successful recovery and long term independence.

The Foundation’s Immediate Objective

The Foundation’s immediate objective at its creation in 2009 was to subsidise Joshua’s extensive rehabilitation costs, which included but were not limited to:

  • Ongoing fees and costs to keep Josh at the Shepherd Center in Atlanta
    • Beyond Therapy
    • Hospital and medical costs
    • Massage and acupuncture
    • Accommodation
    • Travel costs
  • Rehabilitation equipment
    • Disabled vehicle
    • Wheelchairs
    • Hoist
    • Shower care
    • Gym and muscle strengthening equipment
  • Ongoing costs for daily nursing support and care
  • Home modifications
    • Ramps
    • Beds
    • Lifts
    • Wheelchair accessible kitchen, bathroom and interior layouts
  • Funds for ongoing medical support
    • MRI scans
    • Weekly lab work and blood tests
    • Medical check-ups and prescriptions
    • Ongoing operations and surgical procedures

The primary focus of the Foundation at this stage remains to assist Joshua with his on-going medical and rehabilitation needs as well as home modifications and equipment needs.

The Long-Term Objectives of Kiss the Frog Foundation

The Foundation has some long-term goals they wish to achieve. These include:

  • To promote and see introduced in Australia legislation similar to the American Disability Act (ADA) to ensure that the future is brighter for people with disabilities in our country.
  • The upgrading of a rehabilitation facility in Australia that can offer treatments similar to the Shepherd Center enabling Australian spinal injury patients to engage in treatment nearer to their homes and the support of their family and friends.

Whilst Joshua is still in a recovery phase, this work is not being forgotten. Josh, on behalf of the Foundation, is actively engaged with treatment facilities and staff in Australia and the United States in relation to the latest advancements in treatment and service offerings.

He is regularly in touch with others who find themselves facing similar challenges to answer any questions they have with regard to the options that are available to them locally and abroad in relation to treatments.